New Bloggers: Rank your Blog fast on Google

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You may be shocked to learn that 2 million new blog posts are published each day on the WordPress platform alone.

When you add the number of posts published from other blogging platforms, the volume is astounding.

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New bloggers often fail because they can’t get their site visible on Google’s search engine.

It can be tough one, Google keeps the details of their algorithm secret so it can be a balancing act to get your site to the top of the page.

Fortunately a bit of inside information can go a long way.

These SEO basics for new bloggers should help you when treading through the SEO minefield, and help you make sense of it all.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is both an art and science; it requires skill and mastery and can be especially tricky for fresh bloggers that are just starting out.

To define SEO in simple terms: it is having relevant content that search engines will display in response to search queries.

new blog ranking tips

Sounds easy right? Ok, maybe not THAT easy, but keep reading.

Why Is SEO Important ?

Websites that rank on the first page of a search receive the bulk of the traffic, sometimes thousands of visitors every day.

The more successful blog sites leverage this volume and use several different ways to successfully monetize their sites.

A website that can get and maintain a top rank for a search term is in a dominant position because of the large volume it can receive.

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Websites with a low ranking get only a small traffic share and little chance of making money.

Optimize Your Blog

There is little point of having a blog that nobody can see. To get views it has to rank in the search results.

The aim of blogging is to meet the needs of your audience, and, if you do it right, you can build enough traffic to eventually monetize your blog.

Many new bloggers fail to realize that their blogs can have a great marketing potential.

Keyword Research for New Bloggers

Keyword research is vital to the success of any new blog and ranking well on search engines.

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Whether you want to optimize a page, product description, or service, keywords cannot be ignored.

How to find keywords that are relevant to your blogs?

There is a powerful tool called, Google Keyword Planner. This is a great start if you are looking to optimize your blog content for SEO, and as a rookie blogger Keyword Planner can be an invaluable tool.

Using relevant keywords throughout your blog helps you rank for those words or phrases on search engine results.

The trick is to find keywords relevant to your blog and that people are searching for.

Once you have found the keywords use them throughout your blog post – be careful not to overdo it though.

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Google is always on the lookout for ‘keyword stuffing’. Too much can actually hurt your blog, so be selective.

When keywords are searched, your blog will rank on the search engine results. This method is called ‘content indexing.’

Alt Text Optimization

Before uploading images to your blog content, rename them using the keywords you have researched.

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Again, don’t over stuff, but add short descriptive phrases to your images.

This is call ‘alt text’ and is another method used by Google to index your content.

Link Placement and backlinks

When you link to an external site from your own, there’s a chance they will and link back to you, this is called ‘back-linking’.

It helps your site rank higher in search engines because it builds Domain Authority.

This is a scoring system that ranks your blog based on the level of quality content it has.

More about this in another post.

Regular Content Updates

new bloggers content tips

One of the biggest mistakes a brand new blogger can make is to create an great website and then not add any content.

You will need to constantly add quality blog posts that are well optimized with relevant keywords.

Back Link Outreach

If you want to build your site in to an real authority blog, you will need to spend time building back-links.

One way to effectively do this is to reference other authority sites in your blog posts.

If you are lucky they will return the favor and give you reference from their blog.

A more effective way is by backlink outreach. The process of contacting authority sites directly to try and persuade them to link to your blog.

writing tips for new bloggers

This is a more advanced method and probably best left alone until you have built some real quality content.

Where To Start As a Beginner

Identify what your audience is looking for and research related queries.

Start with broad search terms and see what other related search queries people are looking for

SEO, when done correctly can bring dividends for months and years to come.

basic seo for your blog

A note for new bloggers: Correct SEO that generates organic traffic can boost your page ranking and yield better long term results than paid ads.

I hope these basics get you started, check out some of my other blogs for more in depth guides.

I need your help in growing my audience, so if you enjoyed this post and it provided you some real value then please share it on one of the networks below. Thanks!

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Heck Oh Yeah
April 17, 2019 at 11:49 am


Just Saw your post on facebook. This is my first visit to your blog. And, I love the in-depth information about ranking on google. Google uses complex algorithms and there are even 100 and 1000 of factors on which ranking depends. But, Laying a strong foundation is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. So, It is better to focus on basic SEO and keep backing it with quality links to perform well on search engines. Thanks, I’d love to see your website get a secure connection because it is one of the crucial ranking factor. By the way amazing post.

April 17, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Thank you Ashish! I appreciate the positive feedback and I am glad you found the post useful. Comments on SSL are noted – certificate is pending as we speak and should be added in a day or 2.

April 19, 2019 at 1:23 pm

Very nicely written. I will use your tricks and tips it in my blog

April 19, 2019 at 9:35 pm

Thank you. I am glad that you found some of the information helpful!


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