You are here because you want to Supercharge your Marketing, Social media, blog or SEO.

So lets do it!

supsercharged marketing with emma hersh


I’m Emma and my goal is to help you achieve supercharged marketing for your new blog or website.


I have an extensive business background across 2 continents and now I’m going to share that knowledge with you. 

You will learn tips, techniques and actionable insights to help you get and retain clients. 


See some of my actual testimonials below and learn how to build customer loyalty with your own clients. 

Above all I am here to help YOU be more successful. 


A bit about me

I decided to work form myself in 2015 and began blogging, writing and designing websites. 


I delved into SEO and came up with ways to improve constantly.


I began designing WordPress websites and helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing advice and support.


My education was in Marketing and I am accredited with the ISMM. My professional career spanned over 15 years in Business Management.


Although I enjoyed my career, I LOVE working for myself. It is the best feeling ever, and achieving financial goals is even better still.


I will help you Supercharge your marketing and reach yours!