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I’m Emma and my goal is to help you achieve supercharged marketing for your new blog or website

I have an extensive business background across 2 continents and now I’m going to share that knowledge with you. You will learn tips, techniques and actionable insights to help you get and retain clients. 

See some of my actual testimonials below and learn how to build customer loyalty with your own clients. 

Above all I am here to help YOU be more successful. 

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Where should we begin?

Starting Out

Are you just setting up your blog, or starting out as a digital entrepreneur? Get help to set up and customize your blog and start your site.

Brand Promotion

You need to generate leads and create engagement with your brand, or promote your site. Leverage social media to reach a wider audience.

Content Creation

You've started your new business and your site is set up and ready to go. But now you need content and engaging blog articles for your visitors.

Site Optimization

Now its time to scale up your business. Make sure that your website SEO is correctly optimized for the best search rankings and get actionable insights.

So Why Me?

Because I am a Marketing Expert and have the credentials to prove it.

Because you can be part of a community offering daily support.

Because I have managed and contributed to a host of other blogs.

Because I can provide you with effective coaching to improve your business.

Because I have had a successful Business Management career in the UK and USA.

Recent feedback from clients

"Emma was simply amazing. She was incredibly thorough with my job at hand and exceeded my expectations."
Mitchell L
Blogger - USA
"Emma is easily one of the best people I have worked with."
Jeremy H
Affiliate Marketer - CA
"I enjoyed working with Emma. She was on-time and provided answers to follow-up questions on the work she provided."
Mary S
Assessment Designer - USA
"Excellent as always. great copy, research and eye for detail. Went above and beyond, will be hiring again!"
Robert F
Website Designer - UK
"Emma was a joy to work with. She was communicative, met my deadline, and did quality work. I’ll hire her again!
Brent G
Business Owner - USA

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